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A word about selling vitamins


I have been publishing Cforyourself since August, 1997 because of my passionate commitment to the contribution to good health that vitamin C supplementation can make.  Due to this commitment I talk to anyone that will listen and I publish this website to make the information I have found available to people interested.

I have guarded my integrity as an information provider and consequently I have not accepted advertising or participated in any other activities that would make visitors feel that the information is presented for my own personal gain and consequently, somehow tainted.

I am looking into selling vitamin C on this site. I recommend sodium ascorbate powder, which is hard to find. Many people have asked what they should buy, If I can sell the products I take and recommend why shouldn't I? They say, do what you love annd the money will follow. Well, it has been nine years now, I think I've earned the right.

Just thought you should know.

Thank you.


I ran across a site that will store your medical records on-line. It looks interesting. Check out


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I have opened the Cforyourself Vitamin C Store. Check it out for the best available vitamin C that I have found and take myself.

Go here for the Store Introductory page


Here for other Vitamin C Products.






It is very difficult to find a doctor that is knowledgable of and uses nutritional therapies in his/her practice. Please let me know if you have found someone I should include here.

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