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A Word About Selling Products


I have been publishing Cforyourself since August, 1997 because of my passionate commitment to the contribution to good health that vitamin C supplementation can make.  Due to this commitment I talk to anyone that will listen and I publish this website to make the information I have found available to interested people .

I have guarded my integrity as an information provider and consequently I have not accepted advertising or participated in any other activities that would make visitors feel that the information is presented for my own personal gain and consequently, somehow tainted.

After these years of paying all the expenses of producing and publishing this site out of my own pocket, I think I have earned the right to sell products that I have recommended, and believe so strongly about, without compromising my integrity. If you agree, please consider buying from Cforyourself. If you don't agree, please take your vitamin C and buy it elsewhere.

Thank you.



Vitamin C Products

Cforyourself now sells Nutribiotic vitamin C products. They use only USP ascorbic acid to produce their vitamin C products so you can be assured that you are getting the highest quality available. The products you buy from Cforyourself are the same price as if you had bought them directly from Nutribiotic.

I have been taking (and recommending) sodium ascorbate powder for years. This is hard to find. We have it here in pound and kilo bottles.

Shipping Outside the United States

Customs regulations are very different from country to country. I can ship to many countries, but I will gain knowledge of where there are troubles with your help. During checkout in the store you select your country in the drop-down. These countries are a list of where the United States Postal Service will ship, NOT NECESSARILY WHERE I CAN SHIP VITAMIN C. I will update the list below to include countries where I have experience.

Canada OK
Malaysia OK

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