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A considerable amount of reading and research preceded the production of this web site.  I have attempted to give you some thorough information in the different sections while not becoming boring.  I hope I have achieved this and that you find Cforyourself informative AND interesting.

I hope that I have piqued your interest in nutrition and disease and, of course, Vitamin C.  Should you desire to read further about the subjects I touch on here, I am supplying this Further Study area.

As you will see, I have provided some of my personal book reviews along with the listings.  Additionally, I have included books that I have not read myself, but appear to be of interest.  I would appreciate your reviews of the books listed and suggestions for other books you feel would be of interest to Cforyourself visitors.

I have links throughout Cforyourself in appropriate locations to support the information I am providing.  Additionally, included in these pages are links to other Internet sites that may be of interest.  Please let me know if you find a particularly good site that I should include.

As the logo above suggests, Cforyourself is an Amazon.com associate.  What this means to you is this - if you find a book on the following pages that you would like to purchase and that has the Amazon logo next to it, you may click the logo and you will be taken directly to the Amazon.com page for that book.

Important Part:  For every book that Cforyourself visitors buy from Amazon.com by using the links from here, Amazon.com will pay us a commission.  This commission will not affect your price and it will go to help support the efforts of Cforyourself.

Thank you for your support.

Follow the section links above on the left and directly below to select book reviews and websites in your specific areas of interest.


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