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How to Live Longer and Feel Better

Copyright 2006, Oregon State University Press ISBN 978-0870710964

by Dr. Linus Pauling

First published in 1986, this is the twentieth anniversary edition.

From the Introduction: "This book discusses some simple and inexpensive measures that you can take to lead a better and longer life, with greater enjoyment and fewer illnesses.  The most important recommendation is that some vitamins be taken every day to supplement the vitamins that you get in your food.  The best amounts of the supplementary vitamins and the best way to take them are discussed in the first chapters of the book, and the reasons for taking them are discussed in the following chapters."

This is the book that captivated me about nutrition.  Dr. Pauling states his case clearly and most convincingly in a very easy to read style.  My top recommendation.

Please read my full review here.

Vitamin C, Infectious Diseases, and Toxins

Copyright 2002, Xlibris ISBN 1-4010-6963-0

by Thomas E. levy, MD

We owe a debt to those few, courageous doctors that follow the science and are not bogged down by politics and orthodoxy. Dr. Thomas Levy is one of those. His new book is an exhaustive accounting as well as a fresh look at the evidence of the value of vitamin C to the welfare the the human subject. His conclusions on the need for high doses reinforces my personal frustrations of people who might be persuaded about vitamin C's value but balk at the doses involved. A must-have for the vitamin C library.

Ascorbate: The Science of Vitamin C

Copywrite 2004, Lulu Press ISBN 1411607244

by Dr. Steve Hickey & Dr. Hilary Roberts

This very important book looks at the science of our need for vitamin C and presents a new model, Dynamic Flow, that explains our need for so much, so often. From the back cover:

This book presents a new model and describes the action of vitamin C in health and disease. It demonstrates conclusively that the establishment has misinterpreted the evidence, potentially resulting in epidemic levels of aviodable disease. The dynamic flow model explains current results and points the way for future experiments.

Vitamin C supplementation could eradicate many diseases. In pharmacological doses, it could cure the major killers of the industrialized world. Failure to test these ideas may condemn countless people to chronic illness and premature death.

Pretty strong stuff!

The Healing Factor: 'Vitamin C Against Disease'

Copyright 1972, Grosset & Dunlap ISBN 0-448-02130-7

by Irwin Stone

This is an excellent book covering our biologic past, how important Vitamin C is and why we need to supplement our diets.  Even though relatively old, The Healing Factor is well worth reading.  Also has a forwards by Linus Pauling and by Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, the discoverer of Vitamin C.  The complete text of this book can be found at:
The Vitamin C Foundation : MEGASCORBIC THERAPY 

The Vitamin C Connection

Copyright 1983, Harper & Row  ISBN 0-553-24434-5

by Dr. Emanuel Cheraskin, Dr. W. Marshall Ringsdorf, Jr. and Dr. Emily L. Sisle

"Scientific research that connects vitamin C to the prevention and treatment of colds, cancer, glaucoma, periodontal disease, pain, fatigue, allergy, rashes, stress...and more."

Gives a great overview of many of the ways vitamin C is essential to health and can be therapeutic for many ailments.

Vitamin C - Who Needs it?

Copyright 1993, Arlinton Press and Company  ISBN 0944353045

by Dr. Emanuel Cheraskin, M.D., D.M.D.

An up-to-date review of many vitamin C studies written by one of the most knowledgable and easiest to read authorities on nutrition.  An excellent companion to the classic Vitamin C Connection.

The Vitamin C Controversy: Questions and Answers

Bio Communications  ISBN 0942333012

by Dr. Emanuel Cheraskin

Cheraskin responds to most common questions that arose from his Vitamin C studies.  Excellent for the "doubting Thomas's" among us.

Nutrition Against Disease

Copyright 1980, Bantem Books  ISBN 0553230662

by Roger J. Williams

Roger Williams, the discover of the B vitamin pantothenic acid, is a top researcher.  This book is a classic and well worth reading.

Scurvy: How a Surgeon, a Mariner and a Gentlemen Solved the Greatest Medical Mystery of the Age of Sail

Copyright 2004, Thomas Dunne Books ISBN: 0312313918

By Stephen R. Bown

Mr. Bown tells an exciting story of the period when exploration and warfare on the high seas were powered by wind. During this time, the conditions on the long journeys were awful. Bown explains the ravages of scurvy, how the toll it took on the crews of these ships changed history and how the cure, vitamin C, was lost and found over many generations. An engaging historical novel and a huge message that the conventional wisdom can be very, very wrong.

Third Conference on Vitamin C

Copyright 1987, New York Academy of Sciences  ISBN 0897663918

Edited by John J. Burns, Jerry M. Rivers, Lawrence J. Machlin

This is, admitted;y, a technical book, but it has some research articles that are not difficult to understand.

Vitamin C in Health and Disease

Copyright 1997, Marcel Dekker, Inc.  ISBN 0824793137

Edited by Lester Packer, Jurgen Fuchs

Another technical book, but again, a number of articles discussing vitamin C, nutrition and health.  Fully referenced.



This site's mission is to publish both technical papers and general interest articles concerning Vitamin C.  Their inclusion of scientific works is an excellent compliment to Cforyourself.  Please visit and support the Foundation.


Robert F. Cathcart, M.D., Orthomolecular Medicine

Cathcart is a leading proponent of vitamin C.  His work is terrific, includes lots of his personal experiences and definitely worth visiting.


Observations On the Dose and Administration of Ascorbic Acid When Employed Beyond the Range  Of A Vitamin In Human Pathology

A very thorough accounting by Dr. Frederick Klenner covering his many years of observations on the use of vitamin C, as published in the Journal of Applied Nutrition, Winter 1971.


Ascorbate Historical Reference Page

This new site contains a history of research about vitamin C.  Very interesting stuff and lots of data to those who think there has been no significant research about vitamin C.


Allhealthlinks Directory is a human edited directory, which only includes quality sites that we have approved, in the interest of creating a comprehensive directory of quality health resources.


The Antioxidant vitamin - Vitamin C

An excellant overview of vitamin C from Gary Null with references


The Wonders of Vitamin C

A one-page reprint of an article in Delicious On-Line written by Frances Albrecht,  a nutrition counselor and coordinator of the HIV/AIDS Nutrition Program at Bastyr University.


American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Technical as well.  A good source for recent research papers.


Yahoo! - Health:Nutrition

Lots of links to nutrition sites, including Cforyourself.

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