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How to Live Longer and Feel Better

Copyright 2006, Oregon State University Press ISBN 978-0870710964

by Dr. Linus Pauling

First published in 1986, this is the twentieth anniversary edition.

From the Introduction: "This book discusses some simple and inexpensive measures that you can take to lead a better and longer life, with greater enjoyment and fewer illnesses.  The most important recommendation is that some vitamins be taken every day to supplement the vitamins that you get in your food.  The best amounts of the supplementary vitamins and the best way to take them are discussed in the first chapters of the book, and the reasons for taking them are discussed in the following chapters."

This is the book that captivated me about nutrition.  Dr. Pauling states his case clearly and most convincingly in a very easy to read style.  My top recommendation.

Please read my full review here.

The Vitamin C Connection

Copyright 1983, Harper & Row  ISBN 0-553-24434-5

by Dr. Emanuel Cheraskin, Dr. W. Marshall Ringsdorf, Jr. and Dr. Emily L. Sisle

"Scientific research that connects vitamin C to the prevention and treatment of colds, cancer, glaucoma, periodontal disease, pain, fatigue, allergy, rashes, stress...and more."

Gives a great overview of many of the ways vitamin C is essential to health and can be therapeutic for many ailments.

Vitamin C and the Common Cold

Copyright 1970, W.H. Feeman  ISBN  0-7167-0160-X

by Linus Pauling

This is what started Pauling's controversial relationship with the conventional medical establishment.  He rights from the Introduction, "In April 1966 I received a letter from Dr. Irwin Stone, a biochemist whom I had met at the Carl Neuberg Medal Award dinner in New York the previous month.  He mentioned in his letter that I had expressed a desire to live for the next fifteen or twenty years.  He said that he would like to see me remain in good health for the next fifty years. 

Pauling did live in good health for twenty-seven more years until his death at age ninety-three.

Vitamin C, the Common Cold and the Flu

Copyright 1976, W.H. Feeman  ISBN  0-7167-0361-0

by Linus Pauling

An excellent update to "Common Cold".  Years more study and experience has only convinced Pauling all the more of the value of high-dose Vitamin C.

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