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Diseases, Conditions & Nutrition


Many of the maladies that afflict modern populations, especially in the developed world, are not so much diseases as conditions.  This is especially true of so many of the problems that allude cures and vaccines (e.g. cancer, heart disease, diabetes [type 2], and assorted syndromes.)  The reason for this is that these "conditions" are not something you catch; they are not transmitted from external sources.  These conditions are quite often the results of many years of inadequate, or poor, nutrition.

Whenever you are faced with one of these conditions, you should naturally consider a nutritional approach to it.  We have discussed some of these conditions here and will continue to discuss others.

  • What We Shouldn't Eat


I am a believer that we should eat what we want with some guidelines.  These are:

Eat whole foods.  Stay away from foods that are processed.  If it spoils, eat it fresh.  If it doesn't spoil, don't eat it at all.

Our bodies systems evolve to the environment only over thousands of generations.  Because of this, significant changes to our diets in this century have resulted in much illness as our bodies are struggling to maintain and repair.  This is especially true of sugar.  This is the one thing that all of us should minimize.

Don't eat too much.  Most all of us eat entirely more than necessary.  Try to eat in moderation.

Eat what your body likes, not what you like.  Each of us has a unique enzyme system.  We need to be sensitive to this and eat what agrees with us.  As an over-generalization, I think this probably means a higher-fat, higher-protein diet than is currently popular.  Also many of us are allergic to grains.  There is a lot of evidence that Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) is a manifestation of food allergies.  Please visit the ADD/ADHD section.


  • Other Supplementation


I take quite a few other supplements.  I think it just makes good sense to add to my diet with those important nutrients I may not be getting enough of.  The most important, the ones we should all take are (please note: this is a very crude, incomplete list.  Please use this as a starting point only):

Vitamin C - I list this here to tell you that the "natural" tablets aren't worth the money.  If you made a 1000mg tablet completely from rose hips it would be as big as a football!  All high potency tablets are made from "synthetic" ascorbic acid.  Pauling stated that this is chemically identical to naturally occurring C.

Vitamin E - 400 iu (take the natural, d-alpha tochopherol)

B-100 - take a B complex of 100 units (mg or mcg. of each B vitamin)

Beta Carotene - 25mg

Multivitamin, mineral - just to cover the bases


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