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A large percentage of the maladies (defined as "1. A disease, a disorder, or an ailment.
2. An unwholesome condition") that cause suffering and death in the modern world are not diseases in the normal sense.  We don't "catch" heart disease.   Many of these maladies are better described as "conditions" rather than diseases, as "conditions" doesn't as strongly imply something you would "catch". Also, nowadays, since there are so many of us and communications is so good, it is relatively easy to find a number of people that display a similar set of symptoms, even though there is no "disease" attached.  This is why there are so many "syndromes" and "disorders".  Many of these conditions and syndromes are nutritionally-related.  Heart disease is a condition that has its roots in nutrition.  I discuss sick building syndrome in the Other Conditions section.  Many mental illnesses have their basis in nutrition, especially niacin deficiency.  Please see the ADD section.  A natural question to ask when thinking about one of these syndromes, especially if you or someone you know is suffering from one, is 'How could this problem be nutritionally based?'.  This could lead to a "cure" that does not require dangerous medication.

The biggest problem with the American diet is not what we eat, although there is plenty wrong with that, but what we DON'T eat, what is lacking from our diets that we need for optimum health. While all the stories you hear, and frankly most of the medical information, focuses on what in our diets is harmful, it is the lack of sufficient supplies of nutritional substances that is of the most harm.  Vitamin C is on the top of this list.  As an analogy concerning the deficiencies versus the excesses, consider a construction job site.  Before the construction begins, materials are stacked up all over the place.  Think of this as your diet.  It is intuitively obvious that generally the construction will have a far better chance of perfect completion if some supplies are in excess rather than shortage.  While this is an over generalization I think the foundation is solid (am I taking the construction thing too far?).  Our bodies will have some ability to cope with nutritional excess while a shortage cannot be made up.

One other thing to keep in mind as you hear and read about diet, health and disease is the fact that almost everyone is suffering from sub-clinical scurvy.  All the studies, all the trials, all the articles discussing all the latest information concerning all the diseases and conditions afflicting mankind are based on people who need to be getting much more vitamin C than they do!  This has tremendously sweeping implications.  This needs to be considered with everything you hear about health.  If you suffer from chronic sinusitis, please visit the new page describing the Cforyourself Sinusitis Study.

Since Vitamin C is so basic to our body chemistry, there is actually very little that the proper amount won't help.  I refer you to an excellent book that discusses many of the conditions and diseases where Vitamin C plays a dramatic role, The Vitamin C Connection. To quote from THE VITAMIN C CONNECTION:

    "There are more than ten thousand published scientific papers that make it quite clear that there is not one body process (such as what goes on inside cells or tissues) and not one disease or syndrome (from the common cold to leprosy) that is not influenced -- directly or indirectly -- by vitamin C."


The BetterHealth website basically follows the conventional wisdom about nutrition, but they do have an outstanding group of "support" message boards tailored to specific ailments.  You may wish to visit them.  Also, a new site to visit for additional support concerning many conditions is


Web of Care


Specific Conditions and experiences are discussed in the following departments.

Click the individual section titles below to go to departments which discuss the nature of the conditions, how Vitamin C helps and case histories.


Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Nutrition effects all the organs of the body.  The brain is an organ where nutritional health is often overlooked.

Reader's Experiences

Back Conditions

Almost all chronic conditions have a basis in nutrition.  Your back needs constant repair.  Vitamin C is required for this maintainence.

Reader's Experiences


Because C is a requirement for our immune systems, any infection can be helped with enough vitamin C - even AIDS.

Reader's Experiences


Osteoarthritis progresses in direct proportion to our body's inability to repair and maintain itself.

Reader's Experiences


As in AIDS, an immune system at its peak will fight any infection.

Reader's Experiences


C can be therapeutic against cancer even in the most serious situations.

Reader's Experiences

Colds & Flu

I've had only one cold since 1991.

Reader's Experiences

Dental Health

Gingivitis afflicts a majority of our adult population.  Bleeding gums is a symptom of scurvy...the link is clear.

Reader's Experiences

Eye Conditions

Read why Vitamin C may be the most important nutrient to prevent chronic eye problems.

Reader's Experiences

Heart Disease

Chronic C deficiency leads to  Atherosclerosis.
Read why.
Also, review the nutritional aspects of
Heart Failure.  In-depth discussion of cholesterol: "Saturated Facts".

Reader's Experiences


``...failure to use this agent [vitamin c] in sufficient amounts in pregnancy borders on malpractice."

Reader's Experiences


Sudden Infant Death Syndrome may be the result of acute infantile scurvy.  Discussion of Pregnancy and newborns just added.



Serious and chronic infections require serious resources.  Your body needs all the C it can take.

Reader's Experiences

A stroke is like a heart attack in the brain. It could be more descriptively be called a "brain attack".


Other conditions and diseases are discussed here.

Reader's Experiences

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