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Are you willing to give Vitamin C that serious chance to relieve your suffering?

Thank you for your interest in the Cforyourself Sinusitis study.  Since we will be doing this study with participants all over the world, we will not be meeting in person (although that sounds like a great plan to me!).  Anyway, because of this looseness, the duration of the study will be "on-going", but individuals will participate for six months starting whenever they like.

If you decide to participate, here is what I would like you to commit to:

  1. Answer the questions below.
  2. Be willing to take vitamin C supplementation in high quantities for at least six months.  If you take more vitamin C than your body can handle at one time, it will give you diarrhea.  I would like you to slowly increase your dose, always pushing this "bowel tolerance limit".  I don't want you to get diarrhea, but I do believe it is imperative to saturate the affected tissues with as much vitamin C as possible.
  3. If at any time, you decide to cut back significantly or stop taking the C altogether, you will tell me.  I hope the C will help and I want to be able to share the results of this study.  This will only work if you tell me what you are doing.
  4. While I would personally be reluctant to add medications, you may, obviously, do as you feel best.  I would request that you tell me what medications you will be taking during the study period and let me know if this changes.
  5. Keep in touch and report your progress at least once a month.


In the form below, I have asked some questions of identification, but I have refrained from any questions that would lead you to believe that I am not respecting your privacy.  For example, while I ask your location for demographic purposes, I do not ask your specific address.

Cforyourself Sinusitis Study Questionnaire: (please fill in the form below or just e-mail me with any questions and we can go from there.)


Personal Information


Your name:


Your e-mail address:


City you live in:


State you live in:


Country you live in:


Your Date of Birth:


Your Gender:

 Male  Female

Sinusitis Experience


Approximate date you first felt symptoms:


Date you were diagnosed with sinusitis:



Please tell me your sinusitis history (as short or as long as you like):



Are you experiencing any other chronic


Supplements and Medicine


Are you currently taking any medications:


Do you currently take Vitamin C?

 Yes  No

How much:


Do you take any other nutritional supplements?
What? How much:



That's it.  Add any questions you may have.  Here is how you will proceed.

Vitamin C protocol:

To maximize the effectiveness of your immune system, vitamin C is an absolute requirement.  In this study, we would like to see how effective vitamin C can be at overcoming chronic sinusitis.  The major difference in our study is that you will decide on the dose for yourself depending on your individual body's requirements.  Please keep track of how much vitamin C you take so that you can report this information back to me.  The more detailed the better, but I don't have any specific requirements.  Just keep track as best you can.

I always recommend vitamin C powder.  Please visit my new Resources page for suppliers. Or use any vitamin C product you like.

You should start by taking 1000mg at a time with meals.  That would start you at 3000mg per day.  If this gives you no trouble, double the dose after a few days.  Keep increasing the dosage every few days, trying to push your bowel tolerance limit.  This level will increase over time (say a month) and will probably be quite high for a while due to the infection.  I would not be surprised at all if you could take 20-30 grams a day.  Keep this up and keep taking as much as you comfortably can (it gets easier to tell how much to take).

I look forward to hearing from you and please e-mail me.  Tell me anything you like in this e-mail, include any questions you have and I will respond.  I hope to hear from you.

Thank you for your interest in the Cforyourself Sinusitis Study.


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