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The medical profession does not put much value on any specific individual's personal experience with some treatment as scientific.  While it is true that controlled studies remove individual anomalies and give a more reliable view of the normal or general, it is ironic that anecdotal evidence is scoffed at while treating individuals is what medicine is all about!

In any case, our objective for Cforyourself is to provide information (the rest of the site) and a forum for individuals to share their experiences with specific diseases and Vitamin C.  Your participation is encouraged.  Please be assured that your identity will be kept as confidential as you wish. To share your experiences please click the "Go To Form" button below or just send us an e-mail from any of the e-mail links at the bottom of every page


Submitted by: Ted

Date: August 10, 2006

Subject: Statins, cholesterol and vitamin C



Well here is how you start. I am not a doctor or even a medical person, however neither was my mom who nursed our family of seven throughout the depression and we all made it through. I am the oldest in the family at 76 and in pretty good health. Of course this was without what we call medical insurance or even a doctor we could call our own.

Have you ever been to hospital when they brought in a patient suffering with a stroke? Well I have and doctors would offer coumadin to thin the blood and hope that it would clear the blockage. Well it won’t and most patients die from another stroke aided by the medicine that thins the blood and allows the clot to flow even further into the brain.

My wife’s sister had this happen to her and the sorrow that she died without the very thing that would have prevented this from happening was not even thought about. Well, anyway we can’t help this lovely lady and she was buried but not forgotten. The very reason for this publication.

I have high cholesterol and of course under the training of the drug industry my doctor told me to take Lipator to lower my cholesterol and for 7 years I did just that. I noted that my hips and legs were getting weaker and I could not walk as far as 100 feet before I had to sit down to rest before going on. Telling the doctors this they switched me to another statin with the same results, and so to another statin for the next few years.

Then one day I had enough and decided to switch to another person I trusted to look out for my health--- Me. I started to look on the Internet for a natural cure or at least someone that I could ask about high cholesterol and is it bad for you or good for you and what is bad cholesterol and what is good. Imagine my surprise when I found

www.vitamincfoundation.org and they explained that huge doses of vitamin c would balance my cholesterol back to normal, prevent heart attacks and build up the strength of my blood vessels to prevent clots and heart attacks without any side effects. Who, I asked, decided this and what is the proof? Well it was stated that Linus Pauling brought this to the attention of the public years ago and even before him, Doctor Klenner did some cures of 60 polio patients before Dr Salk even came close to his vaccine that eliminated polio.  Well I asked why in hell doesn’t the public know about this magic cure and why aren’t doctors issuing this great medicine to all of their patients? I was told because it is not medicine it is a supplement or really just a vitamin. But, I stammered, it cures people of sickness and makes them feel great. Well the answer is that our United States Government and their department called the FDA is getting paid off by the major Drug companies to ignore the facts and down play the cures, even to the fact when proven to doctors they are told to poo-poo it or claim it causes kidney stones.

They really hate to lose patients to good health program of 10,000 mg of vitamin C and 6,000mg of lysine daily. When Doctors have given up on a patient, demand that they be given 250,000 mg of vitamin C intravenous or even more in a 24-hour period. Make it sodium Ascorbic as it is less acid in your system. No other medicine to be given and you will be surprised at the results and so will your doctor. He will claim it a miracle and walk off feeling he did a wonderful job for you and saved your life.  Let him think that but you and I will know the truth.  Go to your computer and look up www.cforyourself.com. You will see hundreds of similar stories of cures. I pray for everyone that reads this letter and drops the statins from their medicine diet. You will feel better and lose weight in the process.  Just remember animals don’t have heart attacks, we do and what the difference is that we do not manufacture vitamin C and all animals do, except for the guinea pig. Our RDA by our government recommends only 90 mg daily and so you can see why so many die of heart attacks and stroke. Give vitamin C a shot you will only add years to your life.  I take 20,000 to 25,000 mg daily with no side effects; feel great and no heart disease after many tests to make sure. Join those that live to their 90’s and beyond in good health and stop taking all those prescriptions that have all those side effects. One other thing did you know that over 160,000 people in the USA died of prescriptions and none died of taking Vitamin C.  Pretty good average I would say. Investigate please and live longer and healthier lives.

(While I don't agree 100% with every detail of Ted's story, he illustrates the state of heart disease and stroke treatment, the ineffectiveness of statins and, best, he shares my frustration with the lack of general knowledge of the importance of vitamin C. Ted, it is the very reason for this publication too. Rusty)

Submitted by: Robert Morgan

Date: April 30, 2006

Subject: Atherosclerosis

30 months of high VC therapy, 10 grams per day in five divided doses, as well as completely arresting the progression of atheromatous plaque, has resulted in an increase of the intima of my carotid arteries without compromising their elasticity or the area of the lumen. For all intents, my arteries have become younger and stronger.

The attending ultrasonograph technician, upon reviewing and comparing data from two earlier tests, was surprised saying that she had never seen that condition in any of her years of experience.

Needless to say, I am very pleased with the result; a simple and inexpensive vitamin supplement regimen has virtually guaranteed that I will never suffer cardio-vascular disease.

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