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The medical profession does not put much value on any specific individual's personal experience with some treatment as scientific.  While it is true that controlled studies remove individual anomalies and give a more reliable view of the normal or general, it is ironic that anecdotal evidence is scoffed at while treating individuals is what medicine is all about!

In any case, our objective for Cforyourself is to provide information (the rest of the site) and a forum for individuals to share their experiences with specific diseases and Vitamin C.  Your participation is encouraged.  Please be assured that your identity will be kept as confidential as you wish. To share your experiences please click the "Go To Form" button below or just send us an e-mail from any of the e-mail links at the bottom of every page


Submitted by: Lonnie Guice, Jr.

Date: December 6, 2001

Subject: Glaucoma

I have been diagnosed with glaucoma and my pressure was border 20 and above. I have been put on 3 different medications. The first one lowed the pressure but caused dizzeniess. The second one caused my eyes to turn tomatoe red. The most recent I have only tried once. I was informed about Vitamin C by my sister. What I had to lose is my sight but I decided to try it. I took the Vitamin C before my next office visit. The doctor examined my eye and said my presure was 16/17 and that the new medication is working. I didn't tell him that I had not used any eye medication in 2 months and 10 days. I had been taking Vitamin 1000 mg per day. I do not plan to stop, as a matter of fact I am going to start taking more 2000 per day. 1000 in the morning and 1000 in the evening.

Submitted by: Sagarmatha2

Date: September 1, 2001

Subject: Iritis

I have suffered from iritis at least once a year since 1989. I'm a 46-year-old male from Sweden. I've always been interested in alternative medicine and finally when my last bout came, just after Christmas last year, I came to think of using vitamin C instead of the usual cortisone prescriptions offered by the doctor.
Well, I started out by 4 g calcium ascorbate dissolved in a glass of water every morning. The pain was relieved but after a few hours I felt the pain again, so I took another 2g for every 2-3 hour during the day. Before going to bed I took a dose of 4g.

So my daily consumption was about 18-20 g/day. This costs only about 1$. After about 3 weeks I started to lower the dose gradually. And if I remember correct I was down to 10 g/day after 5 weeks. After that I have been taking 4g of C every day divided into 4 doses.

Still no bout.


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