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The medical profession does not put much value on any specific individual's personal experience with some treatment as scientific.  While it is true that controlled studies remove individual anomalies and give a more reliable view of the normal or general, it is ironic that anecdotal evidence is scoffed at while treating individuals is what medicine is all about!

In any case, our objective for Cforyourself is to provide information (the rest of the site) and a forum for individuals to share their experiences with specific diseases and Vitamin C.  Your participation is encouraged.  Please be assured that your identity will be kept as confidential as you wish. To share your experiences please click the "Go To Form" button below or just send us an e-mail from any of the e-mail links at the bottom of every page


Dr. Abram Hoffer is a leader in the field of orthomolecular nutrition.  Orthomolecular nutrition is a term coined by Linus Pauling.  The prefix ortho- means "straight, normal, or in proper order".  So orthomolecular means the proper balance or order of molecules or nutrients.  Hoffer describes case histories of cancer patients on Hoffer's Home Page.

You may also want to visit the Association of Cancer Online Resources, Inc., an information and support site, although I can't find anything there about vitamin C.


From: Edward Ayers

Date: 8/2/99

Subject: Cancer

Excerpted from his letter explaining his considerable experience with vitamin C:

Also, my mother was dying of cancer in 1977.  That's when I dug into research files, trying to learn of something I might do to help her, as the chemotherapy wasn't working, and she was suffering the usual side effects. I then learned of Linus Pauling's studies and experiments with the Scottish doctor (Cameron?) and talked my mom into quitting the chemo and taking 30 g of C daily.  At that time, she was having severe pains in her liver, and x-ray films showed that many liver ducts were blocked with inflammation. The C, an anti-inflammatory agent, cleared those ducts and the pain vanished.  Mom continued on the C, and gained some weight.  And her hair began growing again.  She died three months later, but she had a fantastic memory -- better than I had ever witnessed from her before -- attesting to what I believe is the need of C to prevent the decomposition of the myelin sheaths that cover nerve and brain cells, the reverse of which causes Alzheimer's disease.


June 28,1999

Feel free to publish my story and thank you for letting people know that there is more out there than conventional medicine. I watched a show about cancer called six months to live, on HBO today, and I sure am glad to have the vitamin c story instead of a horror story about chemotherapy or other horror story to tell people. Keep on spreading the truth and more people will have better stories of there own.

Thanks again.



Here is Terry's letter to a brother of a friend:

I will begin with my experience.  After I was diagnosed, I did as the doctor said and had one of my testicles removed.  Afterwards he insisted that I should have the lymph nodes (these are the makers of white blood cells, the body's first line of defense against illnesses of any kind) removed from my under arms and groin.  He explained that this was where the cancer was likely to go after being released into my bloodstream after surgery.  You will be told to get a blood test once a month to check the level of cancer in your blood which will drop by half until it reaches a low number that the doctor says will not ever go to an acceptable level, hence the removal of the lymph nodes. I asked the doctor how much time I had to try other options? He said six months but he suggested not waiting at all, fearing that the cancer would spread. I was talking to a customer about all of this a week later and he ran home and got a book to give me to read that was written by Linus Pauling (a two time winner of the Nobel prize) titled Cancer and Vitamin C.  You should get this book and read it!  You will be amazed.

After reading it I started taking 10,000 mg of vitamin C (100% pure ascorbic acid) every day until I got the only side effect of megadosage of C, Gastritis.(cramps and gas)  This happened in about one month and I dropped the dose in half to 5,000 mg per day until it happened again in about another month and I dropped to 2,000 mg per day where I remained for several months until the threat was gone.  I then dropped to 1,000 mg per day which I think is good for any person to take on a regular basis.

I did not tell my doctor what I was doing and got the blood tests as he ordered them and as he predicted the flaggers dropped by half each month with the exception of the third or forth month when they dropped to the level that is considered normal for everyone.  He was amazed. In fact he ordered another blood test to be sure.  When I told him what I had been taking he refused to believe it and said it was not the vitamin C, that it would have happened anyway.  This was after assuring me months before it would never happen.  I am sure he doesn't want to believe a $10.00 bottle of vitamin C can cure a $10,000.00 illness.

For years to come I told this to anyone who had cancer or had a friend who had cancer of any kind. One friend of a friend had the same as you and I but it had spread to so much of his body they said he was terminal and gave him six months to live.  My friend gave him my phone number, he called, and I told him the story above. Two years later he walked into my friend's store.  My friend asked how he was doing.  He replied Great!  Thinking this was just normal greetings my friend asked again how are you doing health wise?  He replied "Total remission".

I could tell you more stories but I think you get the point. Get the book! And after you read it you will see what I saw, it can't hurt so try it, it works!


Sandy Mannion

Diagnosis date: Aug 97

first date using C:10/06/98
How much C: 4000mg

I am taking 4000 mg per day and find that it sometimes was making my bowel movements very loose, but that is now settling down. I was re-diagnosed with cancer of the stomach (2nd time around) and refused all treatment other than surgery & elected to go on vitamin supplements & Juice, (the juice I refer to is an old aboriginal cure, a liquid that is boiled up & made from the roots of a tree, found only in the Cue-Yalgoo area of Western Australia) Unlike other bush medicine, the gentleman that makes it up for me & my partner does it out of the goodness of his heart & sends it to us by a freezer truck at no charge. I find that the juice is of great value in the pain area & smells  very much like Either. I also take Vit E - Zinc - Vit A & Iron. I am slowly increasing my Vit C dosage & hope to be able to get up to 20,000 mg per day depending on my bowel tolerance.

My partner, Robert Marlow, was diagnosed with metastatic Liver Cancer in Feb '98 and has in the past three weeks been having Vit C intravenously once a week. His dosage is a massive 30 grams per shot. It is mixed with 100 mills of Saline & administered over one hour up at our local hospital. The only side effect so far has been his sugar levels. After the first dose his reading was very high at "17", but he had two glucose tablets beforehand as recommended  by the doctor. He was told that his sugar levels would drop with such a big dose of Vit C, but it worked the other way.(increased). Two days after his first dose we did another BSL (blood sugar level) & his reading was 8.5, still a bit high. Last week before his dose, they did a BSL & it was only 6, but after his dose it was 14 and today we did another reading & it is now 6.8, so we are inclined to think that the Vit C is pushing his sugar levels up, but tomorrow he will have another dose & again we will do his BSL. Hopefully it will have settled down. He is finding that the dosage is making him more energetic but at this stage, without further tests, we don't know what effect it is having on the cancer. Only time & tests will tell that. When diagnosed, he was basically told to go home & die as there was nothing they could do for him, NO OPERATION & NO CHEMOTHERAPY would help him. His primary cancer was in the bowel & he had 12 months of chemotherapy (once a week) & it supposedly cured him, well we now know that it just moved on to the liver.

We both found out about the Vit C & other vitamins at a Cancer Camp that we attended in March of this year. The camp was run by a Dr Ivy Bullen & Ass,(The Baylya Cancer Retreat) and really opened our eyes to see other patients there that are in remission, because of diet & vitamins, some have been in remission for up to eight years. One gentleman had both lung & liver cancer & after the diet & vitamin intake, he is also now in remission. The diet is a very strict vegetarian diet & is hard to take at first, but you do get used to it. I have broken away from it as I was loosing a lot of weight, but Robert is still on it and at this stage doing very well considering his condition.


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