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The medical profession does not put much value on any specific individual's personal experience with some treatment as scientific.  While it is true that controlled studies remove individual anomalies and give a more reliable view of the normal or general, it is ironic that anecdotal evidence is scoffed at while treating individuals is what medicine is all about!

In any case, our objective for Cforyourself is to provide information (the rest of the site) and a forum for individuals to share their experiences with specific diseases and Vitamin C.  Your participation is encouraged.  Please be assured that your identity will be kept as confidential as you wish. To share your experiences please click the "Go To Form" button below or just send us an e-mail from any of the e-mail links at the bottom of every page


From: Kim Drapkin
Date: 5/18/02

Actually, this is concernng my son, Greg. He was diagnosed with severe ADHD in June of 1993. Our pediatrician put him on a vitamin regimin. Greg was only three, and balked at taking all those pills three times a day. The result was that he ended up on, of course, Ritalin. When he turned 10, the Ritalin simply stopped working. The doctors wanted to increase his dosage, but I said "no." They tried all sorts of medicines, including one that made him violent.

Finally, fed up, I went to the doctor who prescirbed the vitamins originally. He put Greg on two medications, and vitamins B6, niacin, and C, and zinc. We have tapered off the medications. As of yesterday's (5/17/02) physical, Greg's prescription is B6, C and zinc. It works better than any pill he ever took. He doesn't balk any more - taking vitamins has less stigma for an adolescent than taking medication. I feel much better knowing that what he takes is natural for his body.

Our current plan is to up the vitamin C to see what we can do about the chronic sinusitis he has. Updates to follow!

From: Mindi Everson
Date: 3/6/00

I had a very short attention span and could not concentrate well during school.  Now that I have been taking Vitamin C for almost 6 years, I have been able to follow my professor's lesson plans very well.  I suggest that everyone take Vitamin C whether or not you have any disorder.  Thanks Vitamin C!

(Thanks, Mindi.  Rusty)

From: Christine Pearce cpearce@canada.com
Date: 11/15/98

For many years my son has been struggling with ADD. He has used Ritalin which caused massive loss of weight and general crankiness, antidepressants, which made him sleep, and a few dietary changes, all of which were of little use, we finally discovered a successful treatment for Nick. Nick and I went to a lecture at University of Alberta given by a Doctor from Nanaimo, BC , http://www.oceansidemedicine.com/ This doctor suggested dietary modification and the following supplements: Gingko, American ginseng, phosphotydl serine, vitamin E, efulex focus (salmon oil, oil of evening primrose and thyme oil) and a good multivitamin with lots of zinc. (the only dietary modification he has made is to eats lots of fruit and veggies) Nick has been on these supplements six months now and has better concentration, is more calm, rarely sleeptalks, stays on task, has more confidence and is easy to live with.

(Nick's success here shows the dietary relationship to ADD is substantial for at least some people.  The specifics of the approach taken demonstrate the individual nature and emphasize the complexity of nutritional therapy.  I hope that this will give people that have discarded the idea of a nutritional basis for ADD renewed interest and understanding.  Rusty)



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